Timberland Consultants



2620 Granite Road

Nelson, BC V1L 6V2


Timberland Consultants (2001) is a Nelson-based resource management company that provides forest-related services in the fields of planning, technical engineering, GIS, silviculture, research and administration.   

Resource Management Planning, Research and Assessment

Timberland Consultants (2001), provides research, assessment, and planning services at levels ranging from forest-level management plans to site-specific treatment prescriptions and visual impact assessments.   Our GIS department enables us to complete analyses of timber and non-timber values including riparian, soil stability, ungulate winter range, equivalent clearcut area, and visual impact assessments.  Timberland uses WOODLOT and other growth and yield models to complete stand- and forest-level yield analyses.  

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mapping and Analysis

Timberland’s GIS department incorporates the expertise of forest technicians and programmers to ensure high quality analytic and cartographic products.  The division is a key contributor to Timberland's resource planning, assessment, and development projects, and subcontracts GIS services to other firms.  The GIS department uses ARC/INFO, ARCVIEW, MicroStation, and MAPS 3D, with full computer and plotter support, to accommodate the requirements of a multitude of clients.    

Silviculture, Forest Inventory and Forest Health

Timberland has many decades of collective experience in interior dry belt and interior wet belt silviculture consulting.  Our staff is experienced in treatment prescription development, mapping and options analysis.  We are also experienced in completing forest health surveys and treatment recommendations.  

Forest Inventory, Engineering and Development

Timberland specializes in the completion of forest development, from planning through implementation.  We have worked in a wide variety of forest types including cedar-hemlock, spruce-balsam, mixed-wood, and pure pine stands throughout the interior, coast, and northern British Columbia.


Resource Management

Geographic Information Systems

  • Microstation
  • GPS data management
  • Visual Impact Assessments

  • LiDAR Analysis Mapping

  • Mapping in Cengea

  • Equivalent Clearcut Area and Ungulate Winter Range Analysis

  • Forest Resource Mapping

  • FTA/RESULTS submissions


  • Treatment Prescriptions 
  • Site Plans 
  • Stand Management Prescriptions
  • Pre-Stand Tending Surveys and Treatment Prescriptions

  • Forest Health Surveys 

  • Planting and Brushing administration

  • Soil Disturbance Surveys

  • Waste and Residue Surveys

Forest Inventory

  • Cutblock Design and Layout
  • Innovative Forest Management

  • Timber Cruising and Compilation 

  • Timber Inventory 

  • Road Eng – Planning Cutblocks and Roads

  • Road Location, Survey, and Design

  • Project Management